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LED PAR Lights

Sell ​​LED PAR lights

PT. Suryamas Lumisindo Dwidaya Sell PAR LED Lights, which are the most common, because they produce light sweeps similar to those from Parcan or Fresnel.
Usually RGB, but sometimes RGBW or RGBAW (red, green, blue, yellow, white) for the best color range.
The beam size (like Parcan) cannot be adjusted to a large extent, even though there is a zoom version available. Selling PAR LED lights is the simplest and most common type of LED equipment found in stage lighting and entertainment environments. LED PAR lights are powerful but basic equipment that throws colored or white light on the stage or players. In addition, PAR LED lights can be used in commercial applications including retail, event production, trade shows, and more.

Selling PAR Lights LED is a great tool for DJs and shows that involve music such as those found in music and wedding venues, clubs, etc. We sell LED PAR lights with many choices of lights and brands. PAR LED lights have an outdoor rating and are waterproof and are usually used outside in permanent installations. Other features include zoom, strobe, pixel mapping, power connections, and more. Our sales staff are trained in all technical aspects of LED PAR Lights and provide the best professional advice about lighting selection and selection.