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Tube Light

Sell ​​Tube Lights

We Sell Tube Lights, is one type of gas discharge lamp that uses electric power to excite mercury vapor. This type of lamp is more widely used because the power used is relatively smaller when compared to a bulb lamp. PT. Suryamas Lumisindo Dwidaya Sell Tube Lights whose use is very wide and very common both for lighting homes or lighting in industrial industries. Sell ​​Tube Lights with the advantage of being able to produce light output per watt of power used is higher than ordinary light bulbs (incandescent lamp).

Selling Tube Lights that are commonly used for:
- Tube lights can be used in many industrial, commercial and residential applications.
- Tube lights can provide high light output to large areas and are well suited for detailed task lighting in Industrial applications.
- Tube lights provide uniform lighting levels for office space and are also suitable for lighting task details in commercial applications.
- Tube lights can also be used in residential applications as lighting from cabinets, beams or bays and under cabinet lighting.
- Smaller tube lights are used in sign and display applications such as jewelry stores.
- Ceiling fixtures tend to use Tube Lights which can be found in residential applications.

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