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Tube Light Inlite INT8G004 18W
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Specification of

Tube Light Inlite INT8G004 18W

Wattage: 18W
Lumens: 1800 Lm
Color temp: cool daylight, cool white, warm white
Beam angle 270 °
CRI:> = 70
Base: G13
Size (mm): 30 x 1212
Voltage: 220V - 240V
Dimmable: No

Features CFL Tube Light
- Adopt high brightness
- High color rendering and long life LED
- Use imported optical grade PC cover, high transmittance
- Use constant current output drive, high efficiency.
- Uniformity of light emitting
- Comfortable feeling with option of color temperature.
- 100% luminous output after other, 50% energy saving than FL lamps.

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